He was too nervous to speak

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He met her at a friend's party.

She was born beautiful, generous and charming. She was particularly conspicuous at that time, and many boys surrounded her. And he is simple, always obscurity and nobody noticing.
At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee together. She was surprised, but out of politeness, she agreed.They sat in a beautiful coffee shop where the atmosphere was romantic. He was too nervous to speak. https://www.lovmer.com She felt very uncomfortable. She thought, "let me go home early."Suddenly, he asked the waiter, "would you please bring me some salt? costume jewelry My coffee needs a little salt."

Everybody stared at him - so strange! His face turned red, but he put in the salt name necklace and drank the coffee.She asked him curiously, "why do you like this?"He replied, "when I was little, I lived by the sea. I liked playing in the sea. I can feel the smell of the sea, just like the smell of this salty coffee. Now, every time I drink salty coffee, I always think of my childhood, miss my hometown, miss my parents who live there.

His eyes were full of tears. She was deeply moved: it was his sincere feelings from the bottom of his heart. A man who can tell nostalgia must be a family, a loving family and a responsible person.Then she began to tell her distant hometown, her painful and happy childhood, and her sweet home. It was a perfect exchange and a wonderful beginning of their love story.They continue dating. She found that he was a good man, always obedient to her. He is kind, warm and careful. He is such a good person that she almost missed him.

Thanks to his salty coffee! Their stories are like every beautiful love story. The princess married the prince and lived a happy life together. Every time she made coffee for him, she put salt in it.40 years later, he left the world and left a letter for her. The letter said, "Dear, please forgive me for this lifetime of lies personalized necklace - this is the only lie I ever told you - salty coffee."Do you remember our first date? I was so nervous. custom necklaces Actually, I want some sugar, but I say salt. It's really hard for me to change, so that's always the case. "

"How many times do I want to tell you the truth, but I'm afraid not to do that. Because I promised you I wouldn't lie about anything. ""Now I'm going to die. I'm not afraid of anything. So I'm going to tell you the truth: I don't like salty coffee. It's always weird, but I've had salty coffee all my life! ""Ever since I met you, I have never done anything to regret you. It has been a lifetime of happiness for me to have you by my side. If there is an afterlife, I still want to know you, marry you, and spend a lifetime with you, even if drink a lifetime of salty coffee!

Her tears wet the whole letter.One day, someone asked her, "what does salty coffee taste like?""Sweet." She replied.
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